Always the best value
Always the best value
Musketeer or pirate boots

Worn cuffed to the knee

Worn cuffed to the knee

Worn fully extended

Worn fully extended
PORTHOS- an ALL NEW Musketeer or pirate boot!

These boots are made of first quality cow leather. The top 9" is lined with matching black leather that allows them to be folded down showing a large bucket. The back 9" is slit and laced, which can be left loose for a large, floppy bucket or tightened for a tighter, smaller bucket (shown).

These can also be worn fully extended (up) and are between 25" and 29" in height, depending on the foot size.

The sole and heel are the long wearing and comfortable Vibram brand.

Available in full sizes only, US male 5-15. Please allow 4 weeks to make and ship to you.


Check the shaft sizing to assure the proper fit for your leg

Porthos Black Leather Musketeer Boots
Price: $
Male Foot Size:

The Porthos is only made in our normal width foot that fits up to a D width. Please notice that the toe is square.