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Our sword baldric in 2" wide heavy leather in either black or brown. Buckle is available in either silver or brass color, and matching buckles on the three straps holding the sword sheath will be supplied. We offer in either a right hand draw (sword on left hip) or left hand draw (sword on right hip).
Can be worn with our pistol baldric for that truly menacing appearance.

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Our pistol baldric shown with one extra holster attached and "blunderbuss" pirate pistols in pewter shown) or antique brass finish.
Sold as a single pistol unit-in other words, one baldric, one holster, and one pistol. You can add up to two more pistol/holster combinations. Baldric buckle will be supplied with a finish to compliment the finish you select on your pistols.

NOTE-Holsters are convertible-can be worn on your belt or on the baldric for a different look.

Now available in either black or brown leather. Please note the belt is a seperate purchase.

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Leather holster can worn on a baldric or your belt for versatility.
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