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Steampunk OR Renaissance!
Our reasonably priced ladies boots in black or brown simulated leather

Renaissance, Musketeer, pirate and Medieval boots and shoes, leather hats, belts, pouches, frogs--you name it!
Renboots is proud to continue our long standing tradition of being the leader in footwear designed and built with the wearer in mind.

We have continued to expand our leather offering, now including hats, a wide line of belt pouches, baldrics for swords and pistols, belts and accessories.

In 2007 we began making a full line of medieval shoes for both men and women. See our expanding line of these by selecting the "shoes" navigation button.

See our items used by customers at Renaissance faires, Medieval festivals, stage, theater and film productions, LARP events and SCA wars.


Visit our sister company for casual kilts, belts, sporrans and more Scottish items.

Be sure to check out the calendar of events where you can see Kommando Kilts!

Tired of a cheap boot with heels that collapse?

Here is our latest offering to the casual wearer or one on a limited budget. These are NOT the same boots that others sell.

Trust the people that brought you Renboots as you watch this new company of ours grow.

NEW medieval knee boots
Brand new for this season-check out this great style!

Handcrafted in the US!
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Undoubtedly the highest quality boot offered by any Renaissance merchant.

These are NOT from "house of somebody", which is really in China, but 100% hand crafted in the USA!

Handcrafted in the US!
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Musketeer hat
Our Musketeer hat is almost surely the best selling leather hat of its type in the world, and is undoubtedly the best value-all the while backed by our lifetime satisfaction warranty.

Now at our lowest price ever!

Bristol Boot
Renboots' new Bristol boot is made in several colors for the discriminating wearer!

Period shoes by Renboots
Medieval shoes for both ladies and men. Several styles in various colors offer unmatched comfort.

Pistol Baldrics
Sword baldrics, pistol baldrics for up to three pistols, holsters and frogs.
Calendar of Events

Danny and his younger son
Winter of 2009 we are forced to say goodbye to one of our dearest friends and associates from the Texas Renaissance Festival.

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